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PREMIERE / "Skating Is Easy" / Pete Spooner / INTERVIEW

« Skating Is Easy » is the title of N.Y.C. transplant from Minnesota Pete Spooner's seventh (!) full-length video in thirteen years; you might remember him as one of the names behind the 2006 underground hit « Boondoggle » or the filmmaker behind the more recent « Insano ». Still a VX-1000 aficionado after all these years and consumed by making skate videos, Pete was kind enough to take the time to work with us on the release of Grady Moquin and John Manoles' shared section of « Skating Is Easy », as well as reply to an avalanche of questions; all now LIVE, for you!

Mo(o)re Easy

Pete Spooner, the filmmaker behind - amongst many others - the recent independent full-length video "SKATING IS EASY" (a section of which we already presented to you a little while back, here), is treating us today with another part from said film: Zach Moore's, keeping everybody hyped for an upcoming article about Pete's projects, life and works - on LIVE, soon!

Too easy

"Skating Is Easy" is the title of the latest offering from independent filmmaker Pete Spooner, previously the author and co-author of several full-lengths to come out of Minnesota (the most popular one being "Boondoggle" with Philip Schwartz, but also "Flow Trash", "Insano", the "Debris" series... which you can stream a lot of, on Pete's YouTube). He's been sowing the seeds segments of his latest project all over the Internet for a few weeks now, here via TransWorld, there on his personal channel. A longtime activist we won't miss to further introduce to you soon; in the meantime, here's Kirian Stone's section from "Skating Is Easy" which we are yet to decide whether proves or disproves the video title - as making difficult street prowess appear that simple is hard!

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