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Our buddies at Place are dropping a second episode of their Adidas in Berlin series, and if Marcus Bordewick continues to impress with his cleaner than clean pop, it is Niels Bennett that steals the show with two, even three, tricks that rank from unlikely to impossible… Managing even to surprise us with a wall-ride!

Vigo hills

Vigo might not be among the most known destinations of Spain, despite… Despite a handful of hills that make for an unknown pocket paradise, if you love going fast, real fast on four wheels. And that would be forgetting that, as all streets in Spain do, the hills will naturally lead you to, here on the waterfront, to a couple marble plazas to meet up with the locs. Here, the Iberic Adidas crew shows you what a couple days there could look like. Do remember that the weather can be temperamental, there, though…


Where Enrique Lorenzo reminds us all, with proofs to spare, of a time where Menace was not yet a myth, but a group of guys that did skate together, and therefore you could meet at spots… This is exactly what happened to him back then. And us to realize that Enrique is amongst those few Spanish skaters that marked the history of worldwide skateboarding, with their sheer motivation to get around and an often light years ahead technique. Yes, this new project from Louw, Enrique's brand, has a bit for everybody!

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