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Rave Skateboards x Nike SB "H.A.C.K" / ARTICLE

Since the beginning of the lockdown in France, the local geniuses behind Rave Skateboards have teamed up with the big shoe sizes over at Nike SB in order to come up with one special sort of "H.A.C.K.": the "HOMIES ALONE CONFINEMENT CONTEST", consisting in a succession of weekly Instagram-based contests but, also and most importantly, a constructive initiative for the scene nation-wide - as one intended to shed some popular light onto the finest, widely unrecognized local creatives' talents and their respective regions, including the skateshops that inhabit them, by being open to all entries regardless of geography, pre-established notoriety in the field and consideration for potential industry ties.
Such a modern, progressive social and cultural initiative definitely warranted some attention from LIVE and today, we are providing you with a full report of the second round of that game which, at this stage, had to do with the spontaneous creation of amateur board graphics for every participant's local skateshop. A great way to content everyone involved, really, all the while injecting new blood, visions and aesthetics into the body of French skateboarding (an ambitious enterprise still currently ongoing with a third round revolving around constructions of the most original and unique skateboard possible, entries being open till Friday night - please feel free to click here for more info!).

Around the corner of said third round, LIVE went to interview a selection of five participants in the last one - all now strong of the experience of creating deck graphics for their local skateshops, on the same level of merit as the other seven hundred and sixty people who also submitted designs for a good seventy stores throughout the country (!), but whose works caught the organizers' attention well enough to officially earn them the win in round two, eventually materializing as freebies aplenty for all parties involved but most importantly in the actual, limited-edition production of the submitted decks for everyone to enjoy. Quite logically, LIVE just had to catch up with those five chosen ones and now, we're also inviting you to meet them and their respective universes, below!


French Twist

Mickaël Germond, aka. Gazon, from Lyon, should not need what would be a reintroduction - let's send the most curious of you back to, say, "Entre Deux" for a minute (or ten). Now for years, the man has been a representative of shoe giant Vans and, now formerly, of Antiz Skateboards (the influence of which only fueled his open mind when it comes to spot approach); but from then on, he will be sporting the colors of the Bordeaux-based, Rave Skateboards. Speaking of which - their new video, "Family And Friends", just dropped; the Paris premiere was just a few days ago, and also what officially revealed Mika's recent association with the brand to a flabbergasted audience, as no less than his own dedicated section started playing. Well, that very section is what we're sharing today, courtesy of Solo Skate Mag alongside this interview with Mika himself, again for the curious!

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