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"PANDORA'S BOX" / Eduardo Da Rocha / PREMIERE

Luka Pinto's name has been coming up on LIVE on the regular for years now; and to this day, the man persists on his own explosive path, currently rather focused on the documentation of local scenes via video, photo and zine production, most notably under the Crew Report alias. We've just recently showed you his own part in "PANDORA'S BOX", the latest full-length video he authored; today, we're introducing you to Eduardo Da Rocha's, young blood out of Jersey just like Luka and Glen Fox, whose powerful style is already being recognized by local wheel brand Pillo, skateshop Consume or the London-based The Hated Skateboards. One can tell the geographical heritage in the spots of course, but also in the body language, resulting in some sincere yet technical skateboarding applied to intriguing spots, for a creative approach - all killer no filler, really!

Jersey alert!

They here, they back, with Luka Pinto at the forefront! And, nope their island has not transformed in a marble paradise of sort, which does not stop them from practicing one of the most exciting skateboarding in Europe! The Subterranean heads deserve the moniker, and all your attention!

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