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Welcome back

Poor puns aside, Welcome Skateboards just dropped a new full-length video on YouTube; this week smells like in general, many independent companies have been cooking up such online surprises as it already has known the public release of plenty of remarkable pieces from the likes of TrafficHeroin et Roger.

This new video is thirty-five minutes of quality skateboarding, although the spirit obviously has come a long way since the beginning of the company back when it sponsored the likes of Erick Winkowski, Logan Lara, Nolan Johnson or Chris Milic. The production feels a lot cleaner and instead, it is still-young dad Jordan Sanchez's father duties (and spot experimentation) that we're granted to watch alongside a Ryan Lay who definitely made the right choice to stick with Welcome despite HUF's insistence if such quality output was to be one of the consequences, a Nora Vasconcellos who Vasconcelloses just like she has steadily been since 1997, and also Daniel Vargas, Ryan Townley, Will Blaty, Aaron Goure, Jason Salillas and many more amateurs most will have a hard time identifying, unfortunately, due to their names only ever flashing on screen for a brief second at the beginning of the credits.

Your daily dose of quirky tricks, a pinch of transition, and H.D. footage despite which the recipe works, and the sauce builds up so much one is bound to reach the aforementioned credits before realizing it already anyway.

Five stars trip

Converse reveals the One Star World Tour 2018, sixteen days of traveling through the United States, Paris and London with the team that we like so much. And for this year’s edition, it looks like it’s the young skaters (European for some) in the spotlight with a Felipe Bartolome on fire and a breathtaking Kaue Cossa. All this announces only good things for the future.


What would you do with an old piece of junk car? Another great episode from the GX 1000 crew, with many new members, all sharing the "hill thrills" virus!

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