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  1. Friday mix, uh?

    French man Julio Sola empties his hard-drive with this second visual mixtape and gives you a quizz to keep busy over the week-end: you will have to find out who is skating (really well!) all around Paris, Perpignan, Berlin and further… (A couple hints below)
  2. Spiral Tribe / Kobra

    Ten days ago, we were presenting you, as a Live exclusive for a week-end, Spiral Tribe, the latest 242 skateboards full-length, and this part will give you a good idea of what you might have missed: street skating, tech and varied, in true classic and rejoicing Swiss form! Here is a perfect example of the new local generation: young Marcus Bruggman, also known as Kobra in some more techno-core circles, or so it seems…

    A few days ago, we were presenting you, as a Live exclusive for a week-end, Spiral Tribe, the latest 242 skateboards full-length, The Miguel Alzate part is now online, here.
  4. Spiral Tribe / Galerie

    Tomorrow, we will present you, as a Live exclusive, a new full length from Switzerland, Spiral Tribe, a 242 skateboards and Redline co-production… Two of the main actors in the country joined forces to compile an hour of the Swiss skating we've grown to like: tech and clean. Prepare yourself to meet the new Helvetian generation, and to also be reminded that the older dogs are still ripping! Oh, and and if you find your self scratching your head at some of the photo in this slide show, be warned that Spiral Tribe might have the best intro kit we have seen in a skate video in, well, in a really long time!

  5. Meeting… Jason Singer!

    Surprise, the guy on the other side of the counter might also be a skateboarder! And a damn good one at that…

  6. It’s show time !

    Nico Pasquali all in power in his new “Show time” part for 242 skateboards. Filmed by Manuel Muller, who told us that Nico would have already quit skateboarding something like twelve times, to finally film a few tricks every six to eight months. Well, I think we’d all like “quit skateboarding” as well.
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