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  1. Gimme five!

    "Look, ma', no hand!" Oh wait, yes hand, yes hands actually, and yes feet too… All in good spirits too, as always, when we speak about  Romain Batard!
  2. Trippin'…

    The endless journey of the good friends of Push Periodical made a stop recently in Paris, before heading towards Athens… You guessed that the crew did not waste too much time on famous spots, and did explore the back alleys and even the underbelly of both cities… And this is where Masaki Ui steals the show when it comes to "underground" spots!
  3. Jeunes de maintenant

    If you ever wonder what might be happening these days in Paris, young Augustin Giovannoni should be your best bet… Proof here, in moving images, with a nice little postcard resulting from his recent adventures. And, if you want to know more, from now on, you will be able to follow the #liveSBreport!
  4. Faux vintage

    You would have noticed by now, ut we are not necessarily that excited about contests, over here, but when the Pop Trading Company homies come up with the idea of replicating a "good ol' days" comp up to a T, from the obstacle to the general vibe, including the way it would be filmed, you know they are gonna come correct, and ended up making up miss the times when Flo Marfaing was reigning supreme on all things ledge and manual pads… Hmm, wait, we are being told that he is actually repping hard in this!

  5. 8 ball!

    We barely had time to recover from the seventh episode, that Romain Batard dazzles us with an eighth Giddy. And this time the cast that travels through the streets of Paris is even bigger than as usual. We even have the right to a little touch of romanticism that makes everything so harmonious. Add a rather serious featuring by Steve Malet!
  6. "Ray Barbee! Bah, voilààà!"

    Ah, nope, this is not new part from the King of Step-Hops and the inventor of smoothitude on a board… Sorry. Still, this little edit, in between Paris and Marseille, is quite a nice watch, notably for those Marseille downhills spots that strangely rarely seen. Add a Joffrey Morel micro part, made of a few lines, and you are in for a motivational boost!
  7. Nostalgie

    This Parisian postcard does focus on those small marble ledges in Bastille that did give a lot of happiness to many through the late 90's! Joffrey Morel's overall does give in we are now in 2015, though…
  8. PLUS / Amsterdam / Premiere

    Four days in a city known for its cobblestones streets? Are the roomies that optimistic? Well, guided by the homies of Pop Trading Company, this last trip for the summer should have been quite fruitful! Wait, "last trip"? Hmm, maybe but even if this could be the final episode of this summer series, be sure those guys are not slowing down any time soon… Stay tuned, and in the meantime, enjoy their visit to Amsterdam!

  9. Crew deep!

    Our friends at Magenta just dropped a second collab' with Adidas, and are topping it with an edit celebrating cruising around Paris as a group, that will make you ring your crew to push around as a gang!
  10. Nancy Zoo

    Let's head to Nancy, a city nobody ever discuss when it comes to skating, which allow this edit to be full of spots you've never seen, while still recognizing some familiar faces, from the Parisii edits, for instance… The whole thing has a great vibe to it, also. You're going to dig it!


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