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  1. Parisian life!

    The City of Lights as seen through the prism of Calvin Millar's refined VX-1000 and Super 8 touch - look no further, "La Vie En Paris" is what you get; an entirely logical [sic] as this moving postcard results from the leisurely holiday trip of a tight-knit crew of visitors from Texas. The edit makes for a poetic intepretation of the streets of the French capital, and Kyle Slinky will make your head spin just as much as the sightseeing!

  2. Forty-Three Is Twelve!

    Maybe you remember Calvin Millar, the Austin, Texas-based filmer who recently gifted the interwebs with this little gem of a Paris trip clip. Well he's back - and quite drastically, let's reckon as it's a full-length video he's delivering this time, for Elias Bingham's skateshop No-Comply just now celebrating its twelfth anniversary. "12 STREET" can be peeped no further than just above, without a surprise only to reveal itself as a slick watch, full of Roger decks, great vibes and one amazing Ryan Thompson part!

  3. Pink Limousine

    "Pink Limousine" is an excellent surprise of a new video by the mighty Calvin Millar for Roger SkateboardsMichael Sieben's original initiative amongst many others of his out of Texas - for a moment, let's use the opportunity to link you back to their previous video offering for more info, as well as allowing it to duly shine once more.

    Today's is also worth its weight in viewings, as one can safely bet those will remain fresh for a long time as the main featured skaters - Max Taylor and Ryan Thompson, the finest local crème de la crème - both radiate coolness, all the while opening doors. The duo just recently went pro for Roger; and if here, the team as a whole comes through, they in particular obviously tried hard and somehow managed to stack copious amounts of mindblowing clips, despite the relatively short time span since the last Roger video. All sublimed by Calvin's VX-1000 expertise we should be used to by now, yet keeps surprising, and edited with impeccable flow. Special mention has to go to Ryan's absurd pop and savant style.

  4. Roger that!

    Roger Skateboards (formerly Program Skateboards, formerly Roger Skateboards, formerly Bueno Skateboards) is the board company ran out of Texas by Michael Sieben, the artist who, in top of his personal activity, also regularly illustrates the pages of Thrasher Magazine, when he isn't drawing shirt graphics for Vans or Volcom (which, a decade ago, even granted him his own YouTube show, foreseeing the later arrival of podcasts: The Internet Shack). Roger's imagery is notoriously wild to say the least, as many of their deck graphics such as "Skate Switch For Jesus", "Ghost With A Boner" or "Weed and Cobras" promptly rose to indie skate pop culture status.

    Anyway, Roger's been back in full force for some time now, led by a more-explosive-than-ever Ryan Thompson (whose skating you should be familiar with if you've watched some of Calvin Millar's edits, and maybe even if not) who brought a deep crew along for six minutes to street and ditch prowess: namely Reese Barton, Brian Gonterman, Max Taylor and Marshall Manuel, all in front of Dieter Galvan's lens.


    It's all about networkin'! The right kind of, that is: in this case, Calvin Millar is the one who got us in touch with Raul Buitrago, a N.Y.C.- and Austin-based filmmaker who had just completed his work on "GNARLEANS", a full-length documentary movie on New Orleans skateboarding through the prism of three locals, themselves recommended to Raul by Humidity Skateshop: Jamie "Jazz" Hardy, Jarred Dearmas and Troy Lacabe. Although a N.Y.C. premiere is still coming up (see below for the flyer), the New Orleans is over so the full film is now available to watch on the Interwebs - like on this very page, for one arguably random instance. For the occasion, LIVE caught up with Raul who was nice enough to answer a few questions from us, for you.

  6. Characters!

    Calvin Millar is back, with a rather original format, allowing him to mix lifestyles shots and skating in a subtle, yet effective way… Then, the "on a trip" group energy is depicted in a great way.
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