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  1. Domingo

    We regularly mention locals from Perth, in Australia, and here is your chance to see a lot more of the city, its spots and locals! Domingo was a DVD to watch at the Live headquarters until now, where it is available online for all to enjoy! Rejoice!
  2. Crossing The Perth Dimension

    Fruit of a recent visit to Perth, and the Domingo crew, this new Magenta production reminds us all two important points:
    1) The best part of travelling far from home to skate –way ahead of the spots you might come across, and the footage you might come back with– is the people you end up meeting…
    And 2) "It's all about lines."
    To see more about the adventures of Léo, Jimmy and Koichiro in Australia, head over here.

  3. James Whineray

    Complete coolness of the Australian at home, Perth here, for James, in between downtown seshs and difficult spots all taken from Domingo 2 by the great Josh Roberts…
  4. Down under quick feet

    Another excerpt from the recent Domingo 2 by Josh Roberts with a "quick feet part full of interestingly picked spots…
  5. Charles' tip: Casey Foley!

    "The perfect little part to study foot placement!" And a mean nollie flip he got… From Josh Roberts' Domingo 2.
  6. Da goods!

    You might remember Josh Roberts from such films as Domingo, The Perfect Amount of Lazy and recently Crossing The Perth Dimension, well, he is back, with a solid quarter of an hour of some of our favorite Australians, such as Morgan Campbell, for the local brand Butter Goods. Plus, a video that ends with a 360 flip manual on a curb high manny pad needs all your attention!
  7. Meeting… Leo Valls!

    Were Leo Valls' skateboarding to ever retain only one remarkable quality, that would surely has to be its faculty to glide the man along the tracks of one long and fancy journey... As to look back on and ponder this unusual pace of living, we managed to catch up with Leo in his hometown of Bordeaux, a life recently encapsulated by Blake Myers under the form of a sixteen-millimiter "Good Weekend".
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