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  1. Guru alert!

    Khalsa is in the house! Far from the eyes, and maybe the heart of the skating industry, where he once had a good spot, he does not slow down one bit, when it comes to follow a path made of sick skating whether it is switch or barely skateable grounds, even showing unexpected transitions skills, here. Yep, Guru Khalsa is doing his thing, as he has always done, but nowadays on his own terms, and at home, which means Texas, these days. And it never looked better!
  2. Guru alert!

    This unexpected mini part reminds us the versatility of the dude…
  3. Sharp

    Guru Khalsa and his Birch disciples continue to tackle Texan spots that looks rough as hell, all in a general mood that one could name as… "psyche-RIOS"!? Sure, why not!?
  4. Texas represent!

    Let's ease the come down the best way possible by visiting Guru Khalsa and friends on spots we don't know at all, which is always a plus…
  5. Awake!

    Can't really tell you what Wake Robins really is, but one thing we are sure is that they always make interesting edits, from the spots to the type of skating they do on it. Then again, they got Guru Khalsa in the gang, so that's a good exemple to follow. He might be under the spotlight as much as before, but he sure has hell still got the skills, including his musical ones…
  6. Stare Decisis

    Some news from Guru Khalsa and therefore Austin, Texas! Smells like sweaty sessions in the heat, and rough spots… All we dig!
  7. Ledge sesh!

    What is it you really need? A waxed angle and a phone, and happiness is within reach… A special mention goes to Guru's dancing skills!
  8. Postcard from Texas

    Well, from Austin, which from what we hear is quite different from the rest of the state… And, you are not going to regret this trip! Sprung is proof of a vivid local scene, and you will not expect every other spot, that is for sure!
  9. Brut de Roberts

    What do you mean, what Roberts!? Come on, it's not like we are not following scrupulously whatever Wake Robins – Guru Khalsa 's brand, – might be doing… And this fine young man is always present there in, the best possible way, between good ideas, super varied spots and finely tuned power. Here is a raw compilation of all that. Something that will get you amped!


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