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  1. Kalis alert!

    A collaboration no one was really expecting or at least, only as much as over a minute of footage of an often imitated, never replicated Josh Kalis surfacing like that out of the blue - but of course those are, in both cases, interesting news!

    Visibly, DC Shoes is issuing a collaboration capsule with our friends from Perth, Australia who do Butter Goods and, logically, it is Josh Roberts (of the "Domingo" video series, amongst others) that was hired and teleported straight to Chicago, in order to film demonstrations of the aforementioned Josh Kalis' trademark form of impeccable 360 flips, but also some remarkable maneuvers by Philly Santosuosso, the man behind Humidity Skateshop, for the picture to be complete.

  2. Chico alert!

    Well then, this last chunk of the year two thousand nineteen really hasn't been without bearing witness to some gems of unexpected collaborations; apparently, when it's not Josh Kalis meeting up in Chicago with Josh Roberts of the "Domingo" series, then it's Chico Brenes who, defiantly disregarding his mid-forties, insists on sharing the timeline of this new clip with Paul Shier and Karl Watson (any nitpickers?), as though to showcase that his style never once lost his brillance since "Love Child". The recent resurgence of Embarcadero footage, nearly thirty years after the spot's popularity peak, should be quite the treat for old timers and really, it takes an O.G. like Chico to know the recipe for getting the full flavor out of such a location. Only the board shapes have regressed - but according to our ever-so-reliable sources, given that Chico just got a guest model on Krooked as well as his mastery of the fakie big flip, the almighty universe grants him an exceptional pass.

  3. Buttery mixtape!

    At Butter Goods, they do things proper, we know it, and if you had that this edit is a sort of Best-Of remixed by Josh Roberts, we already real street lines will be queen, and us viewers fulfilled!
  4. Milano Centrale / PREMIERE

    "Milano Centrale", now that name sounds familiar: yes, we are talking about the Italian city main train station, and mostly, mostly its marble ledges, and it rather smooth grounds… A now rare survivor of the 90's and 00's, made famous by various hammers sprinkled through the most celebrated videos of the past two decades. Nowadays a bit neglected in favor of Chinese marble, the plaza is still alive, via its locals, off course, the infamous Chef Family. And Léo Valls, coming back from a recent Magenta visit to the Italian cousins, would be in the known. Enough to plan getting back there with Australian homie, Josh Roberts, to film an edit glorifying the best idea skateboarding has to plant into your brain: get out there to see if there are new friends to make and old ones to visit! A new LIVE production, supported by Adidas Skateboarding.

  5. "MIXTAPE VOL.3" / Stephen Buggica / PREMIERE

    It certainly isn't the first time that on LIVE Skateboard Media we catch ourselves singing the praises of Florida as a hotbed for skateboarding talents - on either side of the lens, too. You might not know the name - yet - but you may be familiar with the series of full-length indie videos: "Shaqueefa OG", hitting hard and strong with a steady flow of "Mixtapes" (three volumes so far) and modern social media presence. That crew just never seems to stop and now, here is the author of the Shaqueefa mixtapes tracks one to three himself gifting us with Hopps and Theories rider Dustin Eggeling's part from his latest "Vol. 3" - also comprising some tasty Kevin Coakley clips - in addition to the following exchange of ideas.

  6. Roma, open city!

    The Chef Family, you know those guys: they were recently hosting Léo Valls, Josh Roberts and Seb Daurel at home in Milan! Well, here they are heading toward Roma to visit their locals colleagues… Where we discovered that the antique city counts way more –but seriously a lot way more– spots then the the three we've told about all those years. Someone lied to us all!?
  7. Charles' tip: Howard's Groove

    "Did we miss out on that one, or this just came out? Many great things here, including Barry Mansfield, the very first Charles' Tip in the history of Live Skateboard Media." Always on point, Charles, and yep, we did not see that new Josh Roberts production coming, shame on us! Great job from his part, as expected!
  8. James Whineray

    Complete coolness of the Australian at home, Perth here, for James, in between downtown seshs and difficult spots all taken from Domingo 2 by the great Josh Roberts…
  9. Fox alert!

    In order to compliment an interview for Theories of Atlantis, Australian filmer Josh Roberts dropped a short but sweet edit of the ever jittery Glen we all love!


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