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  1. La dolce caravan

    With La Dolce Vita Social Club, everything can start from an old caravan to restore. In this case we are talking about a small trip to discover unexplored areas around Sicily. Primitivo is the video that tells us everything about it through a nice palette of tricks (including a rather nice backside flip) between the desert spots, or even heavenly for some, and the Sicilian streets a little more lively.

  2. Monday blu

    So, how do you start off a rainy week the best possible way!? Well, by celebrating the concrete pouring obsessed "development" of the most beautiful places in the world, by drilling swimming pools and water parks there… With the La Dolce Vita crew, off course! Without them, it sure would look a lot less fun! But, frankly, how insane is that spot, seriously!?
  3. Meanwhile, in Sicilia…

    …the sun hits hard, but that does not seem to slow down local Luca Gozzo one bit! La Dolce Vita, they say…
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