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  1. Charles' tip: "Mortensen & Mortensen"

    "Never the last ones to remind us that even that weird thing at the gas station, well, you still got to skate it!"
  2. Dorkanime

    Combine Phil Evans and the Mortensen brothers, what do you get? Some "fun", caught the right way… Add illustrator Mike O'Shea, and you're in for a deep dive out of this grey reality of ours, and a breath of fresh air! Come on, now, just click on it…
  3. The vibe of skating rocks

    You're in from a big serving of fresh air, Norvegian fresh air, to top… Actually maybe even mountain air! Courtesy of our favorite Swedish brothers duo!
  4. Mortensen alert!

    Good news this morning, or at least news from one half of our favorite Swedish duo, or Sondre Mortensen, to name him! And the kind of skateboarding he has gotten us used to, with lines full of good ideas and spontaneity…
  5. Augustin's tip: Sondre Mortensen!

    "Today's best freestyle!" The Mortensen bros are back, and just four days, put a smile on our face! #augustinislive
  6. Charles' tip: Amandus Mortensen

    "His gloves are most likely out of necessity, and that reminds us that winter will come back one day. It also appears that you must NOT ollie into your crooks anymore… Seems like the new rule for them."
  7. Charles' tip: Amandus Mortensen!

    "This is full of great ideas, and he manages to make us believe none of this is precarious at all! The Scandinavian touch, I say!" Wow, today is a great day for skate clips… Do NOT miss this either!
  8. Sondre & Amandus

    Those two have it all figured out! Your Sunday evening "feel good movie", for sure…
  9. Free parking

    Meanwhile, way up North, underground, or at least under a roof…
  10. Garage times!

    Sondre Mortensen reminds us here the stone cold truth for many a skater poorly located when it comes to the Equator line: we are entering the rightfully so dreaded time known as Winter, with its session to any cost, in between rain, snow, cold and more rain… Unless, unless you have the proud local of a covered parking garage. You will freeze your ass there as soon as you will stop skating, but this should still provide you with amazingly smooth flat ground, and many, many layers of paint to scratch. And, if you don't have that, well, there is still the boot camp option…

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