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  1. Brazilian Week: "Nightlines"

    All right, let's do this! Inspired by the week spent in Rio de Janeiro for the MIMPI Film Fest, why not share with you our discoveries via a few videos that expose the richness of Brazilian skate culture? Proof here with this Cons local edit, showing how diversely skateboarding is practiced over there, far from our preconceptions of comp killers and flatland superheroes… Oh, and keep that Felipe Oliveira name in mind. Just a hint!

  2. Brazilian Week: "ASCO - SÃO PAULO"

    All right, let's continue our exploration of the Brazilan scene, with the recent ASCO production, this one focusing on São Paulo, from locals to more or less regular visitors, like that one guy Cotinz, –an interesting character as much for his skating as his own video productions– also known to be on an endless couch tour… Get on the local vibe, from the city known as the capitol of skateboarding over there.
  3. Brazilian Week: "Ao Quadrado"

    All right, let us introduce you to the crew that might be the future, but already looks a lot like the present to us: the Look Dat Shit heads, aiming straight outta Salvador da Bahia… Quite unique in their general attitude, they manage to mix influences from all corners of the world with a secret ingredient that is completely their own, turning it all into their very own Brazilian flavor, despite being universal!
  4. Brazilian Week: Cotinz!

    Let's follow the "influential on many levels" lead with a one of a kind character that has had an impact on the local scene via his own video productions, like the Beats full-length, but also with his very own take on the skateboard riding thing. To the point where he claims only focusing on skating these days, and leaving the camera behind… Watching the results, no one is going to object it! Let's note the ollie out to frontal wallride thingy, amongst much much more…


    The least you could say is that young "Arroiz" as everybody calls him over there is far your preconceptions –full of inhumanly popped flatland flip tricks– we have about the skating in his country. And that's the beauty of it… Far from that, him and his buddies from Salvador da Bahia have developed their very own take on their streets that are not that much "plaza-esque". You should relate to that!
  6. Brazilian week: "Sob a aparente desordem"

    Murilo Romão has his own take of the street… In the way he skates it, first of all, but also the way he captures it, with his very own video projects, including his most recent full length, Flanantes, that is reaching cult classic status in Brazil, for the way it captures Sao Paulo (where he is based) and Rio's scenes. Raw and cautious, clever and bold: this is Murilo and his vision!
  7. Felipe alert!

    Our coverage of Brazilian skateboarding would have put the idea in your head that we dig it spicy and diverse… And be reassured, it hasn't changed! But, let's just be honest, here, we do have our favorite, and it is Felipe Oliveira! This new edit from Cons Brazil should have more than a few of you siding with us on this one. It will also confirm how skateboarding can be practiced in many beautiful ways, wether we talk Kauê Cossa or Victor Süssekind… The ill shit, we tell ya!

  8. Brazilian Tech ©!

    Last week, at MIMPI in Rio, the locals were asking us who was our favorite Brazilian skater, to which Colin Read shouted back: "Oh, Alex Carolino!" Here he is once again standing his national hero grounds with a compilation of those tech tricks popped out of reality realms, in absolute spotlessness, that have made him famous… Maybe something to kick start a Brazilian Week!?
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