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  1. Always balanced

    New Balance finally gives Tom Knox his own colorway on the NM 440. The main interested therefore takes the opportunity to remind us how comfortable and complete he is on a skateboard, through a short but really effective video.

  2. Raw Knox!

    Where one finds out that, oddly enough, Tom Knox's part from Vase actually even more mental that one could imagine…
  3. Sanctification

    One may still be claiming atheism, the occasion is just too perfect to not praise Tom Knox to the skies, once again, for a part entirely filmed at one spot atht is normally swarmed with strolling tourists, and for once deserted under the petty excuse of a pandemic. Tom makes the best lemonade possible out of the situation, here, as one would expect. Certainly one of the most gifted, and an ever more interesting skater of his generation… But, that, you already know!
  4. Atlantic Drift alert!

    Rémy Taveira was discussing it in his recent Big Spin podcast, and yes, the crew did do Vegas. And did it good, trust that!
  5. Atlantic Drift alert!

    Let's head to Athens, with the whole gang in full force, even if once again, it is Mike Arnold that just displays his own magic whatever the spot might be… He really is in his own bubble, for our collective pleasure!
  6. Moscow Drift

    The Atlantic Drift saga now lives onto its tenth chapter with this new installment in which Moscow turns out to be the playing fields. The featured skateboarders make for quite the all-star roster as the project's timeline is shared by the resourceful, varied likes of Chris Jones, Max Palmer, Nick Jensen or Nik Stain; although, the true M.V.P. here has to be the seemingly invincible Tom Knox whose skating really proves to display a savant reading of the urban architecture, absurdly well-refined technical sorcery even in environments so unpractical they become straight up hostile, and finesse as the capital cherry atop of the cake.

    Behind the lens and in the editing room: again Jacob Harris, one of the most important skate videographers of the last decade ("Eleventh Hour", "Vase"). What can go wrong?

  7. Eleventh Hour / Jacob Harris

    Sitting down with Jacob Harris, the mind behind XIth Hour, one of the best video to come out this year…


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