Shin Komaki


"DEVELOPMENT" is a new nine-minute video straight out of Sapporo, Japan; it is absolutely stellar on all fronts and, since the filmmaker: Katsuhiro Abe graciously provided us with some precious commentary, let's leave it up to him to directly speak:

"I am an uncle with over thirty years of skateboarding experience and over twenty years of skateboarding video experience.

Sapporo, Hokkaido is an island country in Japan, and half of the year is covered with snow, making it impossible to skate outside.

The city of Sapporo today has lost its old townscape due to redevelopment.
This video is a work created from the perspective of the changing cityscape and the young people of the future.
Reiji Hasegawa, the main character, is still nineteen years old, while Shin KomakiYuji Komatsu and Riki Kumagai are in their early twenties.
Riki started film photography from this project and now spends nights in the darkroom.
The music is also original and produced with my close friend artist Takeshi Nagasaki." - Katsuhiro Abe

One can check out a dedicated photo gallery by Riki here, and the AFCSAPPORO YouTube channel, here!

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