Al Davis

Charles' tip: once again Al Davis!

"You either got it, or you don't…" True Charles! And once again, Al demonstrates a complete "spotlessness"…


Raw GX

"Thank you Based God!" Need to say more? GX1000 is one those very few things on the web that make it worthwhile to turn your computer on in the morning… And that's quite something. Oh, that and Al Davis…

Davis Alert!

We might be slightly partial when it comes to Al Davis, but, damn, that final switch tre…



Barcelona, its perfect spots, its rinsed spots, its spots skated by the GX 1000 crew… Oh, yeah, it does look quite different, doesn't it!? Al Davis for president!

Mister Cool

A fan work with no more pretension that to compile all footage of Al Davis in the GX 1000 series, this edit reminds us all, if necessary, that Mr Davis might be the whole Live board favorite skater for one main reason: pure smoothness, even in the most precarious situations! There, we said it…


Ryan Garshell's productions never disappoint. Can't wait for the GX1000 full length video


GX 1000 gives us the downhill and slightly funky-er version of the Vic's Market's masterpiece, and mainly, mainly, reminds us that Al Davis might be our favorite skateboarder… Yep.

Slap happy

Now this should re-launch an age old (well, almost) debate: at what height does a frontside slappy turns into a fs wall ride 50-50!?

Hot thang

Puerto Rico by night, but mostly, mostly Jake Johnson's no-comply 5-0! Period.

Puerto Rico!

Even if sping seems around the corner, who would refuse a trip to Puerto Rico? Not us, especially with such a rad crew… Great stuff once again, as expected from the GX 1000 crew!

It's sunny in Miami!

A Who’s Who of classy skaters with clips of Danny Renaud confirming his return to health, that’s always neat, but with the smooth and nervous Alex Davis we love, plus Danny Fuenzalida –the most criminally under-rated skater of his generation!– in rare form? We dig!


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