Albert Nyberg

The solution

We know it, Sour is here to work on solving all major world troubles, and their second full-length proves it without a doubt… You know them all, and nobody is here to disappoint, but end of the day, history books will remember the first ever street loop! Hats off, Mister Isaksson…

Oh, yep, we love you, Oscar!

Shore break

Ah, Croatia, a place famous for skateboarding and surf rock… Jokes aside, they have quite the handful of sick spots, there! And those two definitely put them to test!

Sour C.R.E.A.M.

So the whole Sweet team has just defected, and it wasn't slow down on their shredding program… They even took the opportunity to recruit a couple buddies!

A day in Toulouse

Support Your Local from Etnies is back, with an exclusive video from a weekend in Toulouse!

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