Alex Carolino

Brazilian Tech ©!

Last week, at MIMPI in Rio, the locals were asking us who was our favorite Brazilian skater, to which Colin Read shouted back: "Oh, Alex Carolino!" Here he is once again standing his national hero grounds with a compilation of those tech tricks popped out of reality realms, in absolute spotlessness, that have made him famous… Maybe something to kick start a Brazilian Week!?


This little compilation of recent footage of the Euro King of Tech takes the form of a remix of his two recent parts… Tricks galore, and even a Palais de Tokyo hubba clips or two!

Carolino power!

What is more to say about Alex Carolino? The pop, that switch, the tech, all been said over and over… And in the end, he's still here, going at it!


It is effectively hard to be more into the groove than Alex Carolino, as shows this compilation from when he came to Europe for the first time and put a hurting on spots…

Zeropolis XV Years / Premiere

We have shown you as an exclusive the Zeropolis XV Years video celebrating the skateshop and local scene history, and it is now watchable and downloadable on their site. Don't miss it!

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