Alexis Lacroix

Dime life!

What could you say? That living in a time where crews just slap about everybody in the face, when it comes to show what skating really is, is actually great! The Montreal heads will put a smile on your face, for the whole length of it… It's all here, from the poor tastes jokes to actual great comedy –the Shawn Powers skit is just fantastic– and laced up with incredible skating. Yes, we are in luck!

Charles' tip: Alexis Lacroix

"The happy part of the day!" Well, there is more than joy. One can also find some serious shredding going on, here!

Montreal under attack

Ryan Garshell's edits are always on point, and if he recruits Brian Delatorre to go explore the world, we can't ask for more! Jake Johnson is The Chosen One.

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