Amine Taoussi

Garçons Perdus

"Garçons Perdus" is the name of Toulouse, France-Based filmmaker Quentin Sarda's new video clip, assisted by Reda Taoussi (whom we've introduced to you before, most notably first here and then here). Their motto hasn't changed one bit: street skating, under the banner of Reda's garment company that he runs with his twin brother Amine: Lostboys88. The editing of this new piece is divided into three chapters, the pacing of which is strongly marked by flashes of strong visual identity, acted sequences and pink city stunts by Victor Cascarigny, Lucas Puig, Andy White, Seb Simon and a whole bunch of other local heads.

Dalavas duo

The Lost Boys brothers are back, this time dedicating an edit to Toulouse famous DIY spot, also known as Dalavas… Lines for days for those two. That's the benefit of being a real loc!

Lost boys and dirty beasts

A fresh video postcard straight from our Toulouse friends: the Lostboys88 crew. The title literally translates to "Amid the Beauty of the Dirt" - one just really can't make that up, nor new JJ Rousseau clips in 2018, among many other surprises...

Meeting... Reda Taoussi!

Let's take the occasion of his new new edit 'Sanke" dropping today to speak with Reda, or one half of the Taoussi brotherhood, the two twins from Toulouse you would know since the infamous "Kurd Are My Heroes" full-length. So, Lost Boys, or not?

Twin Power Turbo

The return! The Taoussi brothers are still Lost Boys, and nothing should ever be different!


Beware, the Lost Boys just switched top HD! And recruit some promising young bloods… Yep, they keep hustling!

Twin Power Turbo

You know them from the Lost Boys edits that recently came out, and mainly from the whole Toulouse affiliation… The Taoussi brothers are back here, as a dominating duo, this time to celebrate their arrival at Okla skateshop.

Lost Boys "No Sense" / PREMIERE

The Lost Boys are back, as another LIVE exclusive, with an edit in the vein of the previous ones: a clever collage of raw skateboarding and visual ego tripping… And that's the beauty of it!

Lost Boys "Only Saint" / PREMIERE

A new web series going Live? This one focuses on the Lost Boys, unless it is all about the Lost Boys Creww? Also, do you have to be from Toulouse to score a lead role? And, will Post Sea Punk outlive Tumblr? Not sure you will get all keys and answers in that first episode, but you might get hooked, though… A Live Skateboard Media exclusive, for the day!

Dat street style

A super varied casting, and sessions often regrouping everybody: that's the formula for an edit that will get you antsy!

Postcard from Toulouse

Let's stop by in the Ville Rose, to check what is going on over there! Well, they're skating, and way more than just the famous Dalavas DIY…


It is official; Toulouse is the capitol of French skateboarding… With a local son of the caliber of Lucas Puig, they had some good base, but let’s list all the other pluses of the local scene:

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