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New Thirsty

Well, not so new anymore as the video itself is already nearing twelve years of age, but "New Thirsty" remains fresh to this day, being essentially a Popills full-length. Popills was the crew skating for Justin White's camera lens that also happened to be one of the first visible to ever release quality online edits pre-Youtube (let alone Instagram video) times back when just hosting one's own files on the web was a complete battle of its own.

But Popills' activity ended up influencing an entire generation, notably of aspiring skate filmmakers worldwide who happened to be onto this new www thing early enough on to catch a glimpse of it at its peak, and "New Thirsty" is the DVD monument those guys left behind. Out of the crew, some never stopped skating and still do to this day, Justin is now a teacher and the myth lives on via this full-length, the fragrance which is reminiscent of some of the best "STATIC" videos.

Viva Via!

Avid LIVE Skateboard Media readers should remember the noise around the latest Traffic Skateboards (East coast pioneer Ricky Oyola's board company) full-length video release: "Look Left", as it wasn't without causing quite some waves amid the underground scene last year and we also jumped on the opportunity to interview team riders Mark Wetzel and Joe Yates. For the past few years now, Theories of Atlantis' Josh Stewart (of "Static" independent series fame) and Pat Stiener have had a hand in the image and distribution of the company, something in the name of which they just put up its first ever full-length offering from 2006: "Via", on their YouTube channel, in its entirety. Along with Josh's "Static II", that film is a true pearl of culture in that it helped shine some more light towards an East coast scene that really had never slowed down since Dan Wolfe's "Eastern Exposure" saga ten years back, or the Zoo York "Mixtape" video from a few years prior. Of course, Ricky's direction for Traffic had to be pure street only, straight from some of its best East coast representatives with a visionary eye for trick and spot aesthetics - something that's become a standard since, but those guys were part of setting that whole imagery! Namely Mark Wetzel, Ricky Oyola, Pat Stiener, the incredible Rich Adler, Henry Panza, Andy Bautista, Brannon John, Shaun Williams and some guests of choice along the likes of Bobby Puleo all make appearances. The twenty-minute format makes "Via" a perfect pre-skate watch, oh and the soundtrack is as incredible as the skating. Homework of a pleasurable kind!

Hi8 TV (1997)

From the same James Hodgson that recently gave us footage of young Puleo or Wenning, amongst others, this edit goes even further in time, back to Hi-8 times… A look that will make the trendiest youngsters jealous with envy, and the old heads nostalgic! But, mainly, here is some explosive skating from Bobby Puleo, and also a sadly forgotten Andy Bautista… Good stuff!

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