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Garçons Perdus

"Garçons Perdus" is the name of Toulouse, France-Based filmmaker Quentin Sarda's new video clip, assisted by Reda Taoussi (whom we've introduced to you before, most notably first here and then here). Their motto hasn't changed one bit: street skating, under the banner of Reda's garment company that he runs with his twin brother Amine: Lostboys88. The editing of this new piece is divided into three chapters, the pacing of which is strongly marked by flashes of strong visual identity, acted sequences and pink city stunts by Victor Cascarigny, Lucas Puig, Andy White, Seb Simon and a whole bunch of other local heads.


Is Andy White about to go away? No idea… But he sure gets a double "Olé" with a line through a busy Hôtel de Ville during rush hour, and that is no easy feat! As always with him, this goes!


Insta White

We had spotted Andy White for his unpredictable side, in between tech, gnar and complete nonsense (in a good way!) and this little compilation is not going to change that first impression! From the ollies line on the triple hubba et the "staring at the camera" tricks, without forgetting the moped boneless, he is just killing it, here!



If someone has any idea of who the hell might be Andy White, we'd be glad to hear it; but once again, Lucas Puig proves he's got the eye for that G shit!


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