Anthony Boudard

Rekiem in Warsaw / PREMIERE

You might have read the adventures of Rekiem (the only "non-cruiser" brand that can claim a "Made in France, by skaters for skaters" motto) in the Polish capital in the latest issue of Sugar magazine, so let's focus on the main subject here: the fact that Jérôme Chevallier can come back with half of the footage of the whole gang! Maybe the fact that he is not on Instagram gives him more time to actually skate? Something to ponder… But, rest reassured that the "kids" did go for it also, from the Powisle DIY that recently presented us Michal Juras to the main plaza, they also scavenged the new architecture of the city, each their own way. Basically, this looks like a trip you would have liked to share with them, and not just digitally… Another Live exclusive, for the day!

Arizona Dream

Anthony Boudard and Romain Covolan in a desert of abandoned pools and other "natural" beauties, under the sharp eye of David Couliau: this new episode of the Lumia Pureviews series sounded promising! Well, the kids didn't go there to mess around (sadly, it is impossible to translate Romain's expression about spreading butter on bread…), and this should give you the hitch to get on the road that leads to some of the mythical spots that are part of the sk8terboy collective unconscious…

Anthony Boudard / Premiere

Apart from a recent interview in Sugar magazine and sporadic photos in French media, Anthony is not on the highly visible list, despite being more than able to produce the kind of skateboarding you like to watch… It is therefore with pleasure we are offering you –as an exclusive– this part showcasing the talents as well as the character of this young man, realized by long time friend, David Couliau. Their city of Nantes hasn't been in a spotlight for a while, also, so this just gets better!

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