Axel Cruysberghs

House of Vans Paris / Galerie

A visual flashback, through the trained eye of Loïc Benoit!

Louie Louie

So, sure, everybody about town is (and should be!!!) talking about that completely insane frontside bluntslide by Eniz (which hero status is now cemented , even to the most obtuse ones), but one should not forget the fact the now absolute coolness in whish Monsieur Lopez now crushes about everything in front of him, from ledges to weird bank to walls… With a Converse video in the works, one can only rejoice!

Shore break

Ah, Croatia, a place famous for skateboarding and surf rock… Jokes aside, they have quite the handful of sick spots, there! And those two definitely put them to test!

Down, down, down!

A city of hills, a city under a seemingly perpetual renovation during the past decade, Bilbao is therefore a place for skating. With very few media coverage, somehow… Brian Lotti pointed his sharp eye in that direction, though, and brought quite a crew with him…

Summer vibes

It's contagious: you can already see yourself sitting poolside in between sessions, waiting for the night cool air to hit the streets again… Ah, summer… Well, our destination might be less exotic, but who knows? What have you planned?

sweat and blood

Let's be frank, as Paris is under some tropical rain of sorts, it is quite nice to watch the gang complain about the heat, but still rip some super colorful spots, that make our own city look even more grey than it is…


We can't say no to a trip that leaves the classic destinations far off, and if the whole thing reminds us all of the often under estimated talent of Korahn Gayle, a true son of Liverpool skateboarding, all bases are covered!

Raw Cruysberghs

Funny how Axel's skating takes on another dimension, once it's not shot down by a dull soundtrack… This guy rips, no doubt.

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