Bobby Dekeyzer


Those two on their board, at the same time: can't beat that…

Evening glory

Hjalte at Stalin Platz is about a match made in heaven, isn't it? Oh, and Nik Stain reminds us all (well, we look at you, youngsters!) what a proper backside smith is made of, and our very own Paul Grund explodes a few of those glorious moments he is famous for. Another great Ben Chadourne work, we tell ya!

Bobby Blue

Bobby De Keyzer? You might think he could have gone missing since the recent release of the Converse video Purple. Well, the guys from Blue Tile Lounge Toronto are offering us a new full-length entitled Baby Blue. Here is Bobby’s part, powerful, straight, not the slightest imbalance, as usual.

Meanwhile, in Toronto…

Where two of the crews we discus the most –the Swiss O.G. 2000 and the Canadian Club Gear, make for the best collabo one could have dream of: them just skating them streets together!

In da club!

Warning: if you are European, and over 30, you might have a seizure at 3' 50… In order to avoid this, you might want to turn off the sound at that moment, but certainly do not close your eyes, as you would be missing out! These Canadians do have that skate thing figured out. Not sure about music tastes, though…

Blue Tile Lounge "Raccoon Alley"

You might have spotted that one in the tidal wave of content that has surfaced in the latest days, but missing out on that one would be a crime, as this Toronto skateshop produces another quality edit, well, a high caliber edit, actually! Seems like Quartersnacks was right about Canada taking over

Charles' tip: Bobby Dekeyzer!

"Didn't that Bobby just solidified a spot on Lives' favorites list with this!?" It's true that in between the unexpected tricks even on the most rinsed spots in Europe, or the oh so easy on the eyes tech ledge lines, he's only an Elliott Smith soundtrack away from… Oh, wait, he's got that too! On will also note a #dadcore potential that put him at the very edge of the NOW in skateboarding.

Charles' tip: Bobby Dekeyzer

"Now that's a wake-up slap to the face!" So, you should already be in the known, as we did miss the train on that one, but it doesn't matter, we just want to make sure no one misses that part! Young Bobby is a natural at that skateboarding thing, as it shows here in so many occasions, from single flat tricks to lines that nobody would have seen coming. We especially think of that backside flip up, followed by the fakie ollie over the bar. Canada is kind of happening at the moment, isn't it!?

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