Boros Áki

Fear of a boring planet

Imagine a world without the RIOS crew, and their equivalent around the world… Their new edit tells the tale of their recent trip to Croatia, for the Vladimir Film Festival and amongst many more, their sessions with out very own Aymeric Nocus. Good stuff for sure, and maybe the best of what skateboarding really has to offer, above all cool hats and killer fits.

RIOS alert!

The RIOS are back, with a new edit recently screened at the Vladimir Film Festival, and if you like their raw street attitude, you're going to get a good serving of it! They are even able to fall victim to the post-Palacian house revival without slight looking trendy… And, above all, they manage to skate what looks an endless supply of new spots in Budapest… It's all about the heart you put into it!


This new edit from the RIOS Crew drops at a perfect time to remind us how much that group of young men from Budapest has been making sure we realize how skateboarding is something we should still cherish above all, and that during all of 2014… Thanks, guys, don't change a thing in 2015!

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