Bryan Herman

Ode to Rowan

So, young Rowan is turning pro, and this video is glorifying this fact, but in that raw and sincere way Baker has got us used to. (Almost) everybody else got tricks, Reynolds still got it and this gives us the occasion to listen to "Lou Reed's " Street Hassle" in its entirety.

Ode to Joy

Logical follow-up to Cherry, this short by William Strobeck is in the direct lineage of his own personal edits, always punchy, and always mixing the expected heroes like Dill with complete surprises like the Bryan Herman cameo here… And, yes, the kids are growing facial hair, now, and yes, the debates on who deserves what, and who is actually "good" are just going to grow, but, end of the day, Nakel just earn the most exciting line evolving a handrail in years, and that's quite something.

Hecho en Mexico!

Just for Leo Romero's line at 2' 30", this would be worth clicking! Plus, the Mexico City spots always make you forget about the grey streets you call home…

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