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Better late than never…

Because, well, yes, that new Yoan Taillandier edit is made of footage filmed in San Francisco five years ago, but the great thing about skateboarding, just like for wine, is that it ages well, and even often really well. Well, unless you are on team managing duties… One will notably note what could almost make a full part of James Coleman and his signature powerful yet flowing style.


You would have met  him, just like us, pushing around the French capitol streets, via the Parisii edits, which he was one of the main alumni for, before having to let him move him back to San Francisco, where he quickly realized his dream of creating clothing that goes a step or two further the yet genius enough concept of slapping a skull of sorts over a t-shirt produced in the Third World… Yes, Evan Kinori is a fashion designer, sailing his little boat in the exact direction he chose. Which does not stop us from being the of skater you would to share a session with, whether in Paris or S.F. as proved here, through the magic eye of Zach Chamberlin

learn way more about Evan, here, thanks to this interview done by our colleagues at Theories!

Aquatic Spirit

A "Spirit Quest" section is bound to always have the same impact at first watch: first one gets confused by the frenetic pictures their eyes are resting on. Then, everything gradually becomes coherent and in the end, culminates as a sum that's incredibly pleasant to watch. And if this video looks like no other, it’s due to Colin Read's mind brimming with creativity, behind the lens. Everything is precisely thought out, and designed to hit hard thanks to a combo of filming, editing and spot selection taken to new heights. The resulting piece is so inspiring, just watching it could spark off vocations!

Spirit Quest

It's on, Colin Read is back! Not that he was gone too far… Maybe on a spirit animal search of sort, maybe? Anyway, he announces a new video, and all the Tengu, God of Mischief fans can only celebrate this news!

Relic Reel / Premiere

As announced this week-end, we are now offering you –as a 24 hours exclusive only– Relic Reel, a production coming from the Bay Area, mixing both styles and generations, in what is about the perfect length to get you in the mood! You have most likely heard some of those names here before, and for the rest, you can trust a long-time acquaintance, Evan Collisson –co-director with Jarod Taber– in his description of it all: "Shot on Super 8 film and VX1000 to a soundtrack as potpourri as it’s skaters, The Relic Reel rolls in the spirit of brotherly love, capturing a mosaic of casual sessions with new friends." Enjoy what's coming, and share it with all your brothers and sisters!


A neat interview in TWS, and now all night part full of finesse: Ben Gore is hot stuff, right now, and we can dig it!

Magenta SF Connection

Extracted from Tengu, God of Mischief, one of the masterpieces of 2013, the Colin Read independent full length, this edit celebrates the tight connections the Magenta heads have in San Francisco, and must be one of the best part of the video. Enjoy!

Best & worst: Léo Valls

All you ever wanted to know about going downhill…
A Live exclusive and the trailer as a bonus!

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