Charlie Young

We've got five years, stuck on my eyes!

Five years… Now that's a load of sessions, photos, new friendships and trips! For just a handful of candles… That is exactly what Henry Kingsford must be pondering after five years of Grey, his magazine. First more London-centric and about all the scenes inhabiting the Old Smoke, the mag has soon expanded in both size and content to reach all corners of Albion, and even further, as you can see, here. And Grey being more than ink on paper, here is a mixtape of clips from all the videos they have produced over that time, putting once again the richness of British skateboarding in the spotlight, as Grey has been doing since 2010. Alright, everybody get your handkerchief out, and let's all sing along!

Endless hype!

Once again, Palace just take everybody by surprise, by dropping over 15 minutes of street gangster shit, and therefore shutting down all the naysayers whining about the fact that they are not the only ones knowing their name. And, yes, the average Palace customer also shops at A.P.C., and that pays for Chewy Cannon's rent, which leaves him the time to do what he does on a board. So if you still something to say about this, well, we are not interested in hearing it.


London x Palace x Umbro x Very Rare !

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