Chris Colbourn


Your (little) Thursday morning struggle… How to approach this extract from We Are Blood, in only a few lines? The sound track angle? Theotis Beasley astonishing abilities to push the limits of "matching"? The subtle placement of the product Dubai? The implications of said state international "soft power" politic on the mainstream perception of messing around with your friends on skateboards? The beauty of the infinite money concept allowing a city to dream itself as a Disneyland for adults?

Cookie alert!

Chris Colbourn has been making waves for a little while, now, with a super versatile take on skateboarding, capable of getting about everybody stoked, and this remix by Village Psychic proves it once again, while celebrating his introduction to Element! And if you still needed a stamp of approval, a chest bump from Nakel should do, right!?

Charles' tip: Chris Colbourn

"How did I miss on this guy until now? He's got a mean style with great knees and ankles work, incredible! Did you see the back 270 lipslide on the rail, at the end? He doesn't turn back and just looks "behind him", it's incredible!"

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