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Colt 21

Today, it is (one of many) legendary Marseille O.G. Colin Bonino's turn to honor the memory of another local institution: 21 Skateshop via this remix of old footage of his, collected and featured in various projects throughout the past two decades, now live in hopes to "generate worldwide viral attention and this, redirect awareness of all the things not to do for one to ruin their own education". All clips gathered on a gazillion trips around France and beyond, and bound to have old timers reminisce over a certain era in SuGaR's timeline, as well as younguns realize the existence of the 2011 Magenta video: "HILL STREET BLUES".

Now to perfect the history lesson: the 21 Skateshop video "KARMA 2" is still up on YouTube here, uploaded by Rémi Luciani whilst to this day, Colin keeps repping Bud Skateshop.

Karma 2

Ah, Marseille… Multicultural city if there was ever one, and home base of a skate scene that is actually a puzzle of totally different ones, meaning there is always something about to give! For the foreigners, 21 skatehop is now gone, but for a while was the social center for all the kids that hang out in those streets, and this video is the definite proof; spots you've never seen before, buddies skating them all with their own style, and a mood that will make you crave to be part of the session… This should get you amped for the whole summer, seriously!

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