Collin Provost

Louie Louie

So, sure, everybody about town is (and should be!!!) talking about that completely insane frontside bluntslide by Eniz (which hero status is now cemented , even to the most obtuse ones), but one should not forget the fact the now absolute coolness in whish Monsieur Lopez now crushes about everything in front of him, from ledges to weird bank to walls… With a Converse video in the works, one can only rejoice!


Logical and anticipated follow-up to his Made part, one could only guess young Jeremy would put a hurtin' with this one, and you sure won't be left down… But, to top it out, you are being granted a mini Toy Machine video, and that's always something one can only rejoice about that!

Raw Provost

Just with that mountain road opening line, Collin demonstrates a pure talent allowing great spontaneity…

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