Connor Champion

Wade alert!

The always #veryrare Canadian and king of #smoothtech shows here in NYC, with quite the crew, also!

M+FG kids!

Young John Shanahan uses his perfectly executed appropriation of the late nineties, Kalis style, to launch the collab' everybody has been waiting for: DGK x Marithé François Girbaud! oh, wait, I am being told this is more the case of John being a fan of vintage Tech-Ugly© gear! Which does not stop from being equally clean and powerful on his board… Let's also note a classy Dylan Sourbeer featuring!


Hard to not go that way, as that young man does have some athletic qualities to his skating, in a good way… Almost a Forbes way?

Charles' tip: Bobby Worrest for Quartersnacks

"A quarter of Worrest with Nikes, now that's a deal!" And Bobby graces us with another part, out of nowhere, for the Quartersnacks gang…

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