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No limit

For the release of their two little pairs of shoes, the Polar skate team flew to Puerto Rico. The landscape and the spots are beautiful! There is really something to galvanize the troops. Of course, the Polar guys were unleashed, ready to taste concrete with an ever more incredible speed. They have not lost a gram of their madness since "We blew it at some point", and of course Tor Störm is still in at the filmmaking. Frankly difficult to find a team that can transmit as much energy in a video. Here is a proof in picture that we must perhaps forget the wax for much more speed, there is never too much we have to believe.

We blew it at some point

You can stop all the cyber-digging you have been up to lately: it's here! Yes, the latest Polar video!

The L.A. boys

After the world famous Trocadero and Manhattan, the Polar dudes headed to the city where it, allegedly, all started, Los Angeles. It even look like Cali turned them all tanned and… blond? Must be the combined sun and sand effect… Surf's up!

Polar gang

Final part of the independent project Tredje Akten, and a good occasion to watch the whole line-up rip in all its diversity…


This compilation of pocket computer generated footage of the extra-terrestrial Dane Brady asks THE question of the moment: who will be the first Instagram pro? We already knew the controversial and self-proclaimed You Tube pros, way better at unpacking boxes or endlessly explaining tricks to children, than at bring something –even the smallest thing– to the common culture… But, while Instagram has turned into the most beloved social media of the skateboard community, and that some are even more popular on their than their own sponsors, one remains yet to get the final dubbing for that status only, "real" parts or not. Could Dane be the first one? Will Polar ever drop its up-coming full-length? When will Instagram offer the option of uploading more than 15 seconds of footage? In the end, don't people just want to watch their favorite skaters do their thing, on a daily basis? Is the concept of "too much visibility can really be too much" still valid in 2016? So many questions, and so many missed LIKEs reading this already…


Charles' tip: Hjalte Halberg!

"The beast!" His TWS part is now available for sharing freely, and it'd be a shame to not do so!

Manhattan days

Once again, Pontus Alv reminds us all the real point of skateboarding, which is getting out the house to meet the homies! Here, with a background of smoking manholes and perfect to slappy metal curbs, a New York landscape as real as it can a fantasy… While avoiding the clichés that the city often inspires. Another success to Pontus' credit, and a great teaser for that future Kevin Rodrigues part we are all waiting for!

Cruising with Sebo…

There is a nice "holidays with the homies" vibe, here, and you keep thinking that Sebo Walker must have only spent a week in Portland. But he sure did have fun, and also did some great skating nonetheless, including that swith flip on that non-bump thing… He didn't even feel like he had to film something at Burnside, just because, and that's refreshing. And at the end, you wonder: are those Krooked stickers there just because they look cool?

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