Dave Abair

Scum of the hills

The guys from Scumco and Sons came out of the East Coast to enjoy a trip to San Francisco. They take the opportunity to remind us that there are many ways to skate SF beyond what we usually see. From butchering huge sets of stairs, or engaged wallrides, to tech grinds and manuals in addition to the famous hill bombs, everything goes!

Heaven on Earth

Where we find out that a dude can still skate like a beast, while killing the nickname game by going as "Catnip", as John Montessi can still be found going at it out there, when Jimmy Lannon recently one-upped a young Mike V, by doing more than just running though a graveyard… What a morning!

Morning Downhill

Up there, on top of the hill, it seems that Dave Abair is skating on his own, more or less followed by a filmer always on the edge of dying, and the final results always dives you a little adrenalin rush, even when sitting on your couch, that will kickstart your day! Thanks for that, Mister Abair! Apart from that, it seems that Seinfeld is becoming the Black Sabbath of the 2010's… Can't make a skateboard video without a bit in there


We already knew: Dave Abair is amongst the "specialists" of San Francisco's hills, and his part in Rock'n'Roll is not going to taint this reputation. To the contrary! He is also really good at smart lines on spots that will not be here tomorrow, or going for broke at places that only leave you a couple tries… Yep, he rips!


Morning glory

This trailer for "Rock'n'Roll", an indy video aiming soon from San Francisco, could easily the best thing to happen to you on a sunday morning… The soundtrack might have a lot to do with this fact.


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