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In da club!

Warning: if you are European, and over 30, you might have a seizure at 3' 50… In order to avoid this, you might want to turn off the sound at that moment, but certainly do not close your eyes, as you would be missing out! These Canadians do have that skate thing figured out. Not sure about music tastes, though…


The youngest among you would not be aware of it, but for a few decades, Canadian skateboarding was struck by some sort of affliction that would make most of its talent invisible, if not even "not cool", with a few notable exceptions like Rick Howard, or even Mark Appleyard… But those times seems far away, as their new generation –on the contrary– has been the edge of cutting edge for a couple years, now, and this edit is the definitive proof of that. And we are not discussing neither pants length nor width, here. Nope, simply and purely the act of manipulating a skateboard in a more or less hostile urban environment.

Feel good movie…

This not a scoop of any kind anymore, but, in 2016, Canada is about (believe it or not!) the coolest country in the world, when it comes to the toughest crowd on this planet: skaters… This quite unbelievable moment of mankind history will most likely be studied, and maybe even explained, at some point, and one of the main scientific artifacts pulled apart then will be this new full-length from a Vancouver skateshop. Sure it has been known for impeccable taste since day one, but here, it mainly has help grow a new generation to the perfect combination of messing around and the skating you really want to see, mostly performed on aggregated gravel, a thing they seem to call sidewalks there… A must-watch, a must-rewatch, and way more!

You deserve a remix!

The Alltimers just put out a collab' for Adidas, and Quartersnacks throws a footage party to celebrate!

Le temps des cornichons

Well, the week kicks off about right, with first off, an intro skit of a rare intensity! Then, they skate the way they do it at All Timers, from New York to way more exotic locations such as LA or the Canadian side of the border… That and Andrew Wilson decides to take the pressure flip "seriously"!

Charles' tip: Squad Massage!

"Kid's rap + old cameras = greatness!" You would have seen most of the parts separately on LIVE already, and for a reason, but let's use the release of the project in full to note an interesting historical point: in 2015, one of the coolest things happening now would have shaken the average (and slightly short sighted) skater from the time that one vintage camera came out. Yes, we are talking about Canadians skating to house music. Times, they are a-changin', Charles!

"Tu perds ton sang froid!"

Now, that's going to be a hard title to explain… Hell, just check this out and let's get back to Rick McCrank's skateshop and the new Vancouver generation they are pushing here. Then again those kids are more than alright! Good kids, we say, that we'll sum up with Dustin Henry's fakie no-comply, a trick that is as rare as he is virtually impossible!

Cosmic sounds

Always a good pick, the SF Treat edits stand out by its selection of riders not necessarily under the spotlight, but that still handle their business when it comes to tame the less traveled back streets of San Francisco… Proof, here, from the very first line!


Nice combination of retro tricks and impeccable execution, for a part that stands out for its smooth lines, on spots infamous for their roughness…

Civic Affair

You had already seen Dustin Henry's part on Live, and here is the full video coming from a pretty sick Canadian crew! Seems like Vancouver is an happening place, right now!

Charles' tip: Dustin Henry

"Modern skateboarding!" Excerpt from the Canadian video Civic Affair

Blue skies

Spring is in the air, here, and we even get treated to an Oski look alike!


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