Eric J Pettersson

Raw Sour

The good vibes, the great skating… It's all there!

Raw Sour

Short but sweet compilation of great moments from the recent Promo by the Sour heroes, in all their raw glory, allowing you to slap your current favorite trap tune to it… What else you need?

Sour Dream

"The Sour vid' is the New testament!" As you would know, we rarely disagree with Charles, here, and it is not this time that it will change! Everybody was waiting for the Sour video, and the least you can say is that nobody is going to be disappointed! Since it is now available part by part, we will introduce the whole thing with our personal favorite, Erik J Pettersson, or the guy that always does the trick that everybody state that "it would be so sick to do that here…" before shrugging shoulders… Yes, a hero he is.

Double hit

We knew Sarmiento would not deceive: he is on the untouchable side, and somehow untouched by the years… And no worries about the spanish technician , but the –really good– surprise comes from Mister Pettersson, that pretty much steals the show here. His name has been cited for years as one of the most interesting Barcelona locals, and the part finally does him justice. Hell, he even finds a new angle at Parallel!

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