Flo Marfaing

Faux vintage

You would have noticed by now, ut we are not necessarily that excited about contests, over here, but when the Pop Trading Company homies come up with the idea of replicating a "good ol' days" comp up to a T, from the obstacle to the general vibe, including the way it would be filmed, you know they are gonna come correct, and ended up making up miss the times when Flo Marfaing was reigning supreme on all things ledge and manual pads… Hmm, wait, we are being told that he is actually repping hard in this!

Las calles hablan!

Live and direct from Barcelona, the real ones, the ones people call the underground! Arthur Dias represents as well in front and behind the lens, and with his colleague Tiago Lima, can afford to invite and all-star line-up of tourists and locals of their city. Yep, a solid dose of Spanish Tech™ as we dig it! Check ESC, while you're at it…


This little compilation of recent footage of the Euro King of Tech takes the form of a remix of his two recent parts… Tricks galore, and even a Palais de Tokyo hubba clips or two!

Zeropolis XV Years / Premiere

We have shown you as an exclusive the Zeropolis XV Years video celebrating the skateshop and local scene history, and it is now watchable and downloadable on their site. Don't miss it!

Point of View

Hey, let's look for a bit of fresh air, by visiting some of the most documented spots in the history of skateboarding, in the most visited city in Europe! How? With just a little point of view change, and a really good idea from Daniel Flusser, the filmmaker…

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