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Collapse Alert!

New year equates new horizons for the skateboarding industry or, at least, the logical perspective of managing ways to do better than the year prior in order to remain viable. The skateboarders themselves benefit from such - otherwise foreign - competitive considerations under the form of the various media getting generated to serve as those enterprises' respective marketing plans: amongst others, streams of Instagram clips, YouTube edits and even the occasional, always precious full-length video, all consisting in improbable performances intended to be convincing commercials thereby essentially making for a wide palette of styles on display for one to pick and choose from for consumption and even (we swear!) appreciation. A classic U.S. business model which has long been the standard, inciting local companies and brands worldwide to follow the same fashion of defining and proving themselves and that's just where things get interesting: in a digital age, the Internet gets to shine as an exotic, online menu of tries (some of them converted) all originating from a rich diversity of geographical locations, ensuring that we never run out of local shenanigans to get curious about.

This time, it is the French brand Collapse Skateboards that is dropping this aptly-named "Promo" featuring Matt Débauché, Hugo Westrelin, Romain Covolan, Gaëtan Decellier and George Poole, who recently turned pro for Collapse and gets curtains.

Soooo Nice!

The DVS French team recently hit the road, as it seems all roads lead to the Riviera, this is where they ended up ripping!

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