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PREMIERE / "Skating Is Easy" / Pete Spooner / INTERVIEW

« Skating Is Easy » is the title of N.Y.C. transplant from Minnesota Pete Spooner's seventh (!) full-length video in thirteen years; you might remember him as one of the names behind the 2006 underground hit « Boondoggle » or the filmmaker behind the more recent « Insano ». Still a VX-1000 aficionado after all these years and consumed by making skate videos, Pete was kind enough to take the time to work with us on the release of Grady Moquin and John Manoles' shared section of « Skating Is Easy », as well as reply to an avalanche of questions; all now LIVE, for you!

Simple et funky!

You will have heard the name Grady Moquin here a few times, notably for his ability to surprise us with the spots he chooses to skate, or the way he attacks them, while keeping a undeniable flow… This part for the Autumn full-length (available here) confirms those undeniable qualities, and should inspire you to try to think differently, after a good watch!

The Joy of Skating

Hard to top this title, and the return of Grady Moquin does not disappoint: harsh grounds and great vibe!

Night Tribe

We don't get emails from Minnesota every day, and when they propose us the local version of the Minuit movement, we can only rejoice!

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