Hugo Brillet

Churb life!

With many a rarely seen Bordeaux spot, some perfect Romain Batard action: great skating, good laughs, good good stuff!


This new Yves Marchon production, renown skater and filmer from Switzerland, is the fruit of his recent stay in Nantes, and his befriending of three locals, Armand Vaucher, Hugo Brillet and Axel Thomas. He had to get his camera (the old one!) out the bag, and here lays the result shot in between Nantes and Bordeaux. And, no vintage hip-hop here to complement the VX, but a rather original soundtrack. Add a new and motivated generation, and a local hero under the name of Fradin, and you get an edit that stands out from what you can watch around, these days. Another LIVE exclusive, for the day!

Charles' Tip: Hugo Maillard!

"Finally a glimpse of my favorite french skater!" A bit more than that, actually, and he is in great form, Hugo, here! If you are not familiar with the man-kid, head over there!

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