Jake Collins

The Magic Number

The classic spots, the other ones hidden in back alleys, the old timers, the fresh faces, the locs and the tourists: they all here! Paris, Berlin and London are three cities more than rich in character, and this is what the De Paris Yearbook crew has been pushing on us for a couple years now, and their latest video production is in the direct logic of this editorial line. But, let's not forget that De Paris, Aus Berlin and Of London are –before all– books you will be more than happy to find on your shelves in a few years!

Blip, blip!

A great follow-up to the recent Hockey promo, produced by Grey skate mag: follow the adventures of  Donovon Piscopo and John Fitzgerald around London with their British colleagues!

NESW UK / West / Premiere

While waiting for the book, here is the final video episode (once again a Live exclusive) of the Nike Sb NESW project! Us foreigners will spot right away the legendary Bristol plaza spot, and also agree that Mister Chris Jones is on fire! Stay tuned as we will have copies of the print version of NESW for you to win real soon!


As the skies are darkening by the minute, the idea of having to spend the winter locked indoor is becoming a cruel reality, and and these few lines by Jake Collins should make this skatepark close future a bit more exciting than it might be… Where you skate doesn't matter, it is how you do it that does.

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