Jake Johnson

Slap happy

Now this should re-launch an age old (well, almost) debate: at what height does a frontside slappy turns into a fs wall ride 50-50!?


A little trip to Japan for a heavy crew ends with a sick edit! That's a good formula… They all rip in their own way, and Evan Smith is just unbelievably relaxed on his board, whatever the spot might be…

Health walk

Ahh, Medellin, its fresh air, its unbelievable spots, its drug cartels, and… its Stevie Perez lines!? Ryan Garshell keeps on surprising us with this GX1000 casting that changes a little and gives us the chance to rediscover a non-TrunkBoyzified Perez, as well as reaffirming the seemingly fearlessness of Yonnie Cruz!

Top ranking!

The "NJScum" label always guarantees quality stuff, but this Christmas once again: Jake Johnson, DIY spots, Alex Davis, camo shorts, Zered Bassett lines, New Jersey industrial areas, ephemeral spots and even Anthony Van Engelen in an abandoned swimming pool… What else you need!?

Montreal under attack

Ryan Garshell's edits are always on point, and if he recruits Brian Delatorre to go explore the world, we can't ask for more! Jake Johnson is The Chosen One.

Kings of that road

King Of The Road is always a heavy dose of good times and intense shredding, and this seen through the Alien Workshop filter can only be even better!

Hot thang

Puerto Rico by night, but mostly, mostly Jake Johnson's no-comply 5-0! Period.

It's sunny in Miami!

A Who’s Who of classy skaters with clips of Danny Renaud confirming his return to health, that’s always neat, but with the smooth and nervous Alex Davis we love, plus Danny Fuenzalida –the most criminally under-rated skater of his generation!– in rare form? We dig!

Starting with a bang!

2013 is going off, right away, with this official introduction of the latest addition to Alien Workshop: John Fitzgerald. You should remember John from the same Slap's OIAM that gave us Forrest Edwards… It seemed some couldn't really comprehend him getting on the Sovereign Sect, but this part should shut down all questionning of John's abilities.

Nice mix!

If we can finish off the year watching a little montage regrouping Gilbert Crockett’s springy claves, Yonnie Perez ability to always find a line, and the definitive proof (if still needed!) that Stevie Perez is the real heir to the Choco tradition […]

Meeting… Sammy Winter!

The other Australian on Cliché tells us a bit more about what he has been up to.


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