Japhey Dow

Charles, and Chuck's Tip: "Nausea"!

"Filming for two weeks in Paris, and coming back with things nobody had thought of? Bravo!" And when another one of our in-house street stylin' experts with a first name starting by "Ch-" also agrees, well, we can only listen… So, yep, this is just great!

Japhey Dow

Young Japhey has gained inches and confidence! A super versatile part from the Loophole project, perfect to kick-start a great week-end!


Charles: Crawlspace!

"With less familir faces, but rejoicing skateboarding, that's the least you can say!"


An original idea of young Tim O'Rourke, S.O.S. is a video centered around the area known as "Upstate New-York", its rugged spots and the local inhabitants that logically are the all-terrain kind… Japhey Dow could be the perfect example of that, from the spots he chooses to skate to the way he does it. And if you are inclined to collect out of the ordinary projects, S.O.S. is also a booklet documenting it all, about to be sold out!


The Keepers

With that kind of trailer, one can only be awaiting the final result! Proof that HD can be more than interesting when used right, and that even in 2015 the no-handed 540 still stays an exciting and complicated maneuver on natural terrain.

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