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Blobys' alert!!!

A new edit "straight from Paris" from the Blobys: you know what to expect! But be ready for a bit more than that… The newest Parisian generation is here, and doing great, shoulder to shoulder with the visiting foreigner, and that one guy named Jean-Baptiste that seems to be from Lyon, from what we heard. But, the main thing, here, is that Vincent Touzery got a lot of the footage you want to see from him, here!

Again and again

Well, here is the perfect follow-up to the "Safe" part and Marc-A Barbier 's interview, since he manages some cool featurings in this super Londonian edit… From Kyron Davis to Korahn Gayle, pretty much all sides of Oh So British skate styles are well represented, here. Oh, and one should spot that promising young man that goes by the name of Gillet.

Paris AM

It's official, the Nike SB AM contest series lands in Paris, at Palais de Tokyo, nonetheless! It will be the July 14-nth week-end, with a chance to win a trip to Berlin, and more. If you want to enter the comp, head over here. And for obvious security regulations going on in town right now, reasons, as a spectator, you will also have to register, here. Meanwhile, the French riders enjoy a cruise through town, from Répu to the Dôme!

JB Alert!

The Quartersnacks heads pay homage to the French king of style, with only recent footage, and boy the magic is still here! No throw away, and breath of fresh air…



So, yeah, #lucassotyeveryyear, yes, Geronzi is at the top of his game, but let's note the confirmation of Karl Salah's "République Mayor" status (a crown handed by Dill, nonetheless…) and way more than than from him!


Now that is one Hell of a look book! Clearly in the "beautiful tech" genre, you can't mess with Hélas…

Gillet Alert!



JB Gillet X Fred Mortagne X Hôtel de Ville

Now that's a winning combo, and a great excuse to count the years with Fred!

Booster shot

In case you had lost your memory in a freak accident, or never had a clue, let’s state that JB Gillet is one of our national treasures, and most likely one of the greatest contribution to le skate to ever come from France. Proof here, with this condensed career in front of a camera, remixed by le Manolo.


Realizing that Flo Mirtain just dropped a three-minute part somewhere that is not Live is already harsh… Then, having it viewable on a player that crashes my computer every time I try to go full-screen makes it even more frustrating… But, when said part is pure genius when it comes to its musical direction, I actually take it personally and will sign this! Prince "Erotic City"!!??? This is adding insult to injury…

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