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Southbank alert!

We already featured the man's previous video offering: "GRINGO DIARIES" (as well as the corresponding interview) a while back and today, Chris Komodromos a.k.a. Koncise, skate filmer but also musician, producer and D.J. is back with something a tad more local: "TRAPPED" is the by-product of two years spent nowhere but at Southbank, that historic London spot the scene of which persists to save again and again, most notably via Long Live Southbank. An undercover initiative supported by SB Skateshop which practically translates into twenty minutes of in situ VX with, on the other side of the mirror, neighborhood champions aplenty, including the likes of James 'D.J.' Davidson or Jeremy Jones.

Jones remix…

Here's a little remix of Jeremy Jones' part in Connexiones, that had only been showed at Vladimir Film Festival until now… And all you like to watch, from dingy spots to sure footed style!


Jeremy Jones has been making himself a spot in the London spotlights for a minute now, and him being recruited by Landscape was just bound to happen. What is beautiful, here, is that he can manage to film his introduction clip all at Southbank without ever falling for the Already Been Seen, or the fillers. He's got clever lines and the quick feet to execute them perfectly!

Southbank report!

Little session on the mythical London spot, banging atmosphere and an even more explosive Luka Pinto!

Lightbox: Grey

This could be a  "Pinto Alert!", but this is mainly the reaffirmation that Phil Evans is one of the rare filmmakers documenting skateboarding right now that is constantly innovating, in form or content… Super 8, animated drawings, a trip to a foreign land? Well, this looks like nothing you would expect! You can also check out the Grey Skate Mag related feature, here.

Luka Pinto / 11th Hour / PREMIERE

Jacob Harris' XIth Hour stands as one of our favorite videos from the past couple years, for multiple reasons, one being his ultra "British" side and all this implies, when it comes to manipulating a skateboard. And in the middle of it all, stood out a complete unknown (at least to us) that more or less stole the show by taking everybody by surprise, with an unaffected ease, shown through high speed spontaneous lines. Street skating in its purest form, if you will, with all that it takes! So, this is with with great pride that we finally present you, as a Live exclusive, Luka Pinto! And expect to hear more about this great mystery from us, real soon!


One can guess that Jeremy Jones has no phobia of disjointed red bricks, which gives him the chance to enjoy the vast array of London spots, indeed…

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