Jeremy Leabres

Leabres alert!

Since his debut part in Made Chapter 1, we have always been stoked on seeing him pop on the screens, but, here, it is with a "simple" nose manual revert that he reveals his all-terrain skills…

Raw Leabres

Modern day stuntman, Jeremy Leabres has not much to do with those times where some would just throw themselves off cliffs, because they had to, with no control over the situation, silently hoping things would be alright… Here, you can tell his board obey to a t to his toes, even in the most precarious situations.


Logical and anticipated follow-up to his Made part, one could only guess young Jeremy would put a hurtin' with this one, and you sure won't be left down… But, to top it out, you are being granted a mini Toy Machine video, and that's always something one can only rejoice about that!

Wall of sound

Put aside the tries, and therefore a better idea of how someone skates in real life, and these B-Sides offer the great bonus of putting under the spotlight an element often flooded in choreographed to music parts: the sound of a trick… Proof here, with Jeremy Leabres!

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