Joe O'Donnell

Over there…

If the idea that a video project (whatever its subject might be) could even reach "must see" levels nowadays, the latest James Craven production, in conjunction with Grey Skate Mag, might be the only one to get there, in a mighty long time… Following the already striking Land, to transcend it and reach masterpiece level. There, we said it. And if the idea of showcasing the search for somewhere anew to put his wheels on is not new, it is treated here in a way that stay clear from the pseudo-epicness that mentally exhausts us everyday. But enough pontificating, do yourself good and enjoy this rare moment…

Going up the country

Most likely one of the best video production trying to "break out of the formula" done lately, if not in a long time… All this deep, deep in British soil, way far from the urban spots and everything city we love, here. But, this is what skating is all about: making do with what you got, wherever that might be. A perfect Sunday morning viewing, for sure!

Made in the U.K.

If someone would write a thesis on a romantic vision of a British skateboarding made of finesse on impossible spots made of red bricks and mossy disjointed slabs, it could serve as an apt description of Joe O'Donnell… Seriously, so much great, here!

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