John Fitzgerald

Some like it rough

"F.A. camp aler!t", let's say?

We care about Hockey!

You do too, most likely! And for the best reasons, since the crew is never afraid to get dirty, if not bloody, when it comes to skate the less beaten paths. And when they take the road towards the frontera, rest assured they found places to get hurt at! Meanwhile, in a quiet killer way, young Diego Todd wins everybody's heart…


Yep, the Hockey boys are continuing their spiraling down the abyss of ultra-violence on wheels… And, here, they do despite only having one week, and without Kev's presence! Yes, they are here to hurt themselves, and we enjoy the show!

The black magic number

One knew it was coming, and one could only whish it would hit as hard as the first two times, but what we see here are Hockey and Benny Magliano really coming together and reaching some sort of maturity in what they want to present us with, in between refined brutality and accidental beauty… And, well, they got Andrew Allen, so could it even go wrong!?

Blip, blip!

A great follow-up to the recent Hockey promo, produced by Grey skate mag: follow the adventures of  Donovon Piscopo and John Fitzgerald around London with their British colleagues!

Hockey II

6' 35, or where we find out that Ben Kadow can reach quasi Gonz-esque moments, just like that, at full speed at the bottom of a SF hill… On top of multiple proofs of a tremendous determination, even on the most dangerous ideas, even on the kind of switch that could only get you hurt. Oh, and that Andrew Allen kid is quite good, too…

Thank you, Based AVE!

A FA / Hockey road trip, and edit finally free from the Thrasher player? Get ready for your adrenalin shot and that one trick by Anthony that is not to be fucked with…

Raw Hockey!

The surprise attack seemingly being the preferred technique at the FA Sk8 Fucks camp, this promo for their sister brand, Hockey, drops with no fanfare, and uses the same aesthetic in its form: no music, no animation, just powerful skateboarding, certainly shining even more that way. Why stage it when actions speak that loud? One would think of Piscopo lines, here…

Back to the roots

As many interrogation points surround the Workshop these days, what a better idea tan get back to the basics, and Ohio, the native grounds of the brand? This could go horribly wrong, but the whole cinematography of it reaches classic Workshop imagery, from civilians cell phone footage to a couple Super 8 images that should stay burned in your mind. Successful mission, therefore! Oh, and Jake Johnson skates in a parallel universe unknown to the rest of us…

Starting with a bang!

2013 is going off, right away, with this official introduction of the latest addition to Alien Workshop: John Fitzgerald. You should remember John from the same Slap's OIAM that gave us Forrest Edwards… It seemed some couldn't really comprehend him getting on the Sovereign Sect, but this part should shut down all questionning of John's abilities.

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